Youth Culture

There are many different areas of your teen's life that may cause you concern.Here are resources, tips, news and information for this area of your teen’s life.

First, there are ways you can encourage your teen to develope Protective Factors in their life. Protective factors are skills, strengths, resources, supports, and/or coping strategies that will help them better deal with stressful events. Some of these protective factors include: Encouraging Your Teen to Find Positive Role Models, Finding Support in Faith Communities, and Keeping Your Teen Busy & Engaged. Click on the pictures to the right, for more information on each of these topics!


Second, there are ways you can keep your teen safe and prepared to face risky situations in their life. Teens are at a higher risk of being involved with: Drugs & Alcohol, Social Media & BullyingMental Health Issues, and Dating & Dating Violence. Click on the pictures below, for more information on how to keep your teen safe and prepared to face each of these issues!