Parenting Tips for Ages 5-12


Read below for Tips on Discipline vs Punishment and Guildeline for Using Logical Consequences.

Guidelines for Using Logical Consequences

1.   Ask your child to help decide the consequence.


2.   Put the consequence in the form of a choice:

      an either/or choice or a when/then choice.


3.   Make sure the consequence is logically connnected

      to the misbehavior.


4.   Give choices you can live with.


5.   Keep your tone of voice firm and calm.


6.   Give the choice one time, and then enforce the 



7.   Expect testing (it may get worse before it gets



8.   Allow your child to try again after experiencing the 



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The above tips are sourced from our classroom textbooks Active Parenting: A Parent's Guide to Raising Happy and Successful Children by Michael H. Popkin.