Points to Remember about Misbehavior:


  • Our beliefs are formed by age 6!


  • Beliefs are based on a child's view of what's important in the family, what the parents say and do, the style of parenting, and the child's place in the family.


  • All children want to belong! Beliefs are how a child decides to belong.


  • Children get a feeling of belonging through both useful behavior and misbehavior.


  • Sometime we expect too much! Children might be curious, tired, sick, tired, hungry, or bored. Then their behavior may trouble us. This is not always misbehavior.


  • There are four goals of misbehavior: attention, power, revenge, and displays of inadequacy. 


  • When your child misbehaves, do or say something your child does not expect. Give positive attention and recognition; work to build trust and self-confidence.


The above tips are sourced from our classroom textbooks provided by STEP Publishers, Parenting Young Children by Don Dinkmeyer, Sr., Gary D. McKay, James S. Dinkmeyer, Don Dinkmeyer, Jr., and Joyce L. McKay.