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13 Family Thanksgiving Games That Have Nothing To Do With Football

1. Pin The Feather On The Turkey

A little construction paper and painter's tape can go a long way when it comes to entertaining kids on Thanksgiving. All you have to do is cut out the shapes to make a turkey and a bunch of feathers, then you'll play it just like a rousing game of pin the tail on the donkey—except that it's more like tape the tailfeather on the turkey.

2. For Thanksgiving Dinner I Had...

This memory game incorporates your Thanksgiving feast and can be played while everyone is eating. The first person starts by saying "For Thanksgiving dinner I had turkey," and then each subsequent player adds a food and repeats the entire reel of dishes said prior to his or her turn. Each person who can't remember the full list is out. But don't concentrate too hard—you wouldn't want the stuffing to get cold.

3. Thanksgiving Mad Libs

Mad Libs are a great Thanksgiving game because they can pass the time while you wait for dinner, or you can even play while you eat and the whole family can participate. Have everyone take turns calling out words until the whole sheet is filled, then read what is sure to be a funny (and at least somewhat festive) story aloud.

Get the printables at Small Stuff Counts »

4. Pumpkin Roll

Here's a way to get your blood pumping before or after the feast—host a pumpkin roll in the backyard. You'll need lots of room (sorry, apartment dwellers), since pumpkins don't roll in a straight line. Divide into teams, set start and finish lines, and get rolling.

5. Guess How Many?

Fill an apothecary jar—bonus if you have a pumpkin-shaped one—with candy corn and place in the center of your tablescape. Provide guests with slips of paper and then ask them to guess how many candy corn kernels are in the jar. Whoever's guess is closest gets to take the jar home.

6. Turkey Bowling

With the help of some brown plastic cups, some construction paper, and some googly eyes, you can challenge the family to a friendly Thanksgiving bowling tournament. Use mini pumpkins or a tennis ball to bowl with, and try to knock down these super cute DIY turkey pins.

7. Thanksgiving Day Parade Bingo

Make watching the parade a little more interesting by turning it into a game of Bingo—you can print out cards with references to different floats and performers (you can also easily edit the cards in the link below to reflect the performers you know will be in the parade each year). Then see who can gets to call out "Bingo!" first.

Print cards at My Free Bingo Cards »

8. Pumpkin Toss

If you like cornhole, you'll love this DIY pumpkin toss game—the base can be made out of thick poster board or cardboard, and you can use balls or bean bags to toss through the cutouts. Assign point values to each cutout, and maybe offer a prize (an extra slice of pie?) to the winner.

Get the tutorial at Lolly Jane »

9. Chestnut Relay Race

This game is perfect to play at the dinner table in between courses—and it's so simple. All you need are a few chestnuts and a set of chopsticks for each guest. The players sitting at the end of the table, and opposite each other, place a chestnut on their plate and then pick it up with chopsticks and put it on their neighbor's plate. This goes all the way down the line—whichever team gets the chestnut to the opposite end of the table first wins.

10. Thanksgiving Charades

Charades is always a fun party game for all ages, but you can make it extra fun on Thanksgiving by using words and phrases that are seasonal and festive. Acting out "cranberry sauce" and "pumpkin pie" might be a little bit of a challenge, but hey, that's part of the fun, right?

Get the word list at The Game Gal »

11. Mini Pumpkin Hunt

Every holiday has its respective sought-after object—for Easter it's chocolate eggs, for Christmas it's candy canes, and for Thanksgiving it's uh, pumpkins. Or, at least this game is making it so. You'll need lots of pumpkins and a volunteer to hide them before the guests arrive. We'll be kind and recommend mini pumpkins as opposed to the regular 20-pound variety.

12. Would You Rather...

You've likely played "Would You Rather?" dozens of times, but think of this as a festive version for the whole family. Print out strips with questions on them, and put them in a jar. Then go around (while you eat, or after dinner!) and have everyone draw a paper. They can either read it aloud and answer it for themselves, or pose the question to the table.

13. Thankful Alphabet Game

This one's pretty straightforward and is another one you can play while eating dinner—plus, it's also a great way to get everyone talking about what they're thankful for. All you have to do is have each person share one thing they're thankful for, but the catch is, it has to start with the next letter of the alphabet, starting with A (the next person's response will start with B, and so on). Go around the table until the alphabet's been filled—yes, even X and Z.

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