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Keep Kids Safe from TV Tipovers

Heeding warnings from family and friends about the dangers of television tipovers, Angie's List member Brandy Goldberg of Chicago says she knew she needed to take action as soon as her son started crawling.

"My son was very curious about the TVs, and we knew that one playful touch could cause it to fall on him," Goldberg says. "We tried placing a fence in front of the TV, but that lasted a few months before he figured out how to shake the fence."

She hired highly rated Acoustical Vision of Cicero, Ill., to mount her televisions to the walls in the living room and bedroom and run wires through the wall. She says she feels much safer as a result: "The televisions are out of reach completely."

Childproofing experts and the Consumer Product Safety Commission say Goldberg was wise to be concerned. Televisions, dressers and other heavy pieces of furniture pose a serious threat to children. According to the CPSC, television and furniture tipovers sent 16,000 children nationwide to the emergency room in 2006, the most recent year for which statistics are available. That's four times as many injuries as those caused by exposed electrical outlets.

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