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Hygge: Embrace the Danish Art of Living Well

So Hygge. What the heck even is it? Well, it’s a feeling, it’s cozy and quaint. It’s a cup of hot chocolate by the fire, it’s playing Jenga with your friends on a stormy night. It’s how Danish people survive winter and stay happy. In Denmark, they don’t get much sunlight in the winter, so they have to stay sane somehow. Most of us would be miserable, but the Danes have it sorted.

Hygge in your life:

The best things in life are free. My favorite time of year is around now, the colder, crisper months when we set amazing holidays and champion family time. Danish people love festivities with friends and family, and I think that’s the key to happiness. Here are a few free things you can do to embrace hygge wherever you are:

1. Play!

  • Board games, card games, any kind of game.

2. Have a swap party:

  • Invite people over and get rid of the things you’ve been meaning to donate. Other people will bring things they want to swap and between you, you will find something you love.

3. Have a movie night:

  • Cozy movie and TV evenings are sacred. Outdoor movies are also great in summer or winter, providing you have hot drinks (mulled wine!) and plenty of warm blankets.

4. Create a mini-library:

  • Just seeing books is inspiring. Danish people love their nooks so create a small library in a nook you have that often gets filled with other non-essentials.

5. Fires:

  • Bonfires always give me an amazing feeling. They remind me of fireworks parties with friends. If you can go to a bonfire party you should. The smell of smoke is amazing. I know bonfire night is a pretty British tradition, but there really is nothing better than hot dogs, fireworks, and a gigantic fire!

6. Have a soup cook-off:

  • Get your nearest and dearest around and cook some soup in large batches. Hilarious fun, but gives you lunch and dinner for months. Particularly if you freeze it.

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