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5 Tips to Improve You Mental Strength

In the age of calculators, auto-correct, and digital drowsiness, it's easy to feel your mind getting cluttered.

Mentally strong people can handle anything life throws at them, but if you aren't blessed with mental strength, any little thing can tip you over the edge.

Ready to start training your brain to be strong and smart?

1. Use It Or Lose It

  • Drop that digital device! Try to spell or calculate something without help--even it you can't do it, you're still giving your head a challenge just thinking about it. You could also try Sudoku, or actually fill in the magazine or newspaper crossword puzzle. But, if you just can't break you tech-addiction, check out these brain-boosting apps.

2. Get Some Zen

  • It's no secret that yoga can increase concentration, focus, and mental balance. If your brain is frazzled, why not give it a go? If you don't have time, try quick meditation in the morning to prepare yourself for the day. You could also try a mindfulness coloring books (found cheaply at Walmart and Barnes & Noble), which help you relax and provide thoughtful quotes to get you thinking.

3. Have a Hobby

  • We can't emphasize enough how important it is to find your head space. Some people like to play sport, go to the gym, take a cookery class, or just get outside. Whatever you do, practicing a new skill or just getting your body moving will give yourself some room to breathe.

4. Set Goals

  • Having clear ideas about where you want to go in life and how to get there will prevent your mind getting worn down and adopting a defeatist attitude. If you carry out each day with purpose, any bumps in the road or criticism you might face will be no match for a headstrong individual.

5. Positive Progress

  • Turn negative worries into productive pointers--don't let those darker thoughts reserve a room in your head. If you can't do something and have actively made an effort, then don't worry! Focus on the things you can do, and how amazing you are. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses.

If all else fails, cuddle a furry animal and spend time with those who love you.

Read the original article HERE at Career Girl Daily.

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