Encourage Your Youth to Find Positive Role Models

According to a national research study conducted by Big Brothers Big Sisters, children with positive role models are more likely to do well in school and have meaningful family relationships. They are also less likely to skip school or use illegal drugs and alcohol, according to national and local studies. 

Read below on ways you can be a positive role model for your child.

To the right, there are links to local resources to help your child to find other positive role models.

Local Resources:




                     Big Brothers Big Sisters of 

                     Southwest Virginia

                     Their mentoring program aims to                        open children’s eyes to the                                opportunities outside their immediate environment. Matches will go on outings and do low cost/no cost activities in the community, such as: Taking a walk in the park, Going to a museum, Listening to music, Hanging out and talking.

                     Goodwill Youth Mentoring

                     They provide youth mentoring for                      youth ranging from age 7 to 21.                          Mentoring services focus on                              preparing students for school                            completion, developing work skills, identifying career paths, and transitioning to post-secondary education. Youth enrolled in Goodwill mentoring programs receive guidance through trusted adult mentors.

  • For info on how you enroll your child or to volunteer, email info@goodwillvalleys.com or call (540) 581.0620 option 5.

  • Find more info HERE!